Joie de vivre isn't just about working out and counting carbs. I provide busy people with healthy food solutions that are catered to their personal health goals and lifestyle so they can reclaim their everyday.




I have been working in the food industry ever since I can remember and eventually my career as a local foods centered chef began to take shape. In 2012 I wanted to seriously tackle my depression and debated whether or not to try prescription medication as an aid. In the mean time, I was suffering from anaphylaxis to a variety of foods and needed to see an allergist. She told me I was intolerant to gluten, among other things. I rolled my eyes and thought ‘Great. Not only will this affect my career as a chef but I also don’t want it to affect other areas of my life where food is the focus.’

Despite that internal reaction, I still had an urge to follow her new protocol and did the elimination diet she suggested. After a difficult few months, not only did my allergies clear, but my depression lifted. From then, I decided to devote my career to empowering you and the way you look at food through my personal chef service, food blogging and original TV programming.

Eva Bee was born.

I honed my skills at the internationally renowned farm-to-table Ballymaloe Cookery School, Ireland in 2014, and have since worked on international cooking shows such as the James Beard award nominated The Latin Kitchen and Bonnacini’s Italy as a recipe developer and food stylist. I’ve always had a knack for performing and produced and hosted the following shows with a touch of humour and a dash of environmental activism: Coral TV’s Nom Essentials, Rogers 22’s Eva Bee’s Jamboree & Bell Fibe’s Om Nom Ottawa.
Check out clips here.

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Recently, I have shifted the scope of my menus and classes to have gut, nervous system and insulin sensitivity repair in mind. They are always gluten free and are anti-inflammatory. I often nerd out on nutrition research, books and podcasts and am up to date on all things functional medicine, keto, paleo & lectin free. What can I say, I majored in Environmental Science and Chemistry – I need an outlet!  

I’d love to work with you, so check out my services & classes for more info.

You can also find out more about my health journey and recipes I’ve developed along the way on my blog! Don’t forget to follow me at @chefevabee on Instagram to stay up to date on what’s next.



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