RBC Bluesfest Outdoor Festival Survival Guide

Buzz is about Ottawa for this year's 20th anniversary of RBC Bluesfest.This is a giant two week festival that really requires some stamina to get through! As much as there are some delicious options at the festival food stands, lineups under the sunshine can trigger some hanger.

Here are a few suggestions for snacks and how to make it through!

1. Water Bottle! You can't bring it in filled, however there are water fountains at the Main Stage where you can fill an empty one up all the time. There is usually a line up there but not nearly as long as at the beer tents!

2. Nuts! Last year I went absolutely crazy with this Wheat Belly recipe. Gluten-intolerant or not, a 100% nut granola can withstand the heat and is high in protein so that you can stave off hunger longer. This way, you won't have to leave your sweet spot you snag near the stage because you'll pass out if you don't eat!

Nut and Coconut Granola

3. Food Vendors! Main stage vendors are carried and plentiful but if you find the line too long, side stage food vendors usually have smaller lineups.

4. Booze! Everyone knows alcohol dehydrates! Be careful out there party peeps - refer to suggestion 1.


5. Eat before you go! A big breakfast / lunch / dinner can tide you over so you can save a couple bucks for that favourite band t-shirt.

See you there! xo