All-Natural Mint Chocolate Chip Smoothie

I've planted myself a garden a few times over the years with some pretty good success. Nothing close to the farmers I've interviewed, OBVIOUSLY, but I've always loved the connection it brings me to nature.

During my first day at Ballymaloe Cookery School's 12 week program we planted a lettuce seedling. They thought it was important to let us see how much energy and time goes into making our food. 

I thought this was brilliant! I think everyone should give gardening a chance, even if it's just herbs! 


I was so happy to develop this recipe for all of you since it uses mint, a herb that goes WILD in the garden with some kale and cocoa nibs. 

Mint Chocolate Chip Smoothie

Serves 1

1 cup Cashew Milk
1.5 Frozen Bananas
10 Mint Leaves
1/2 cup Kale Leaves
2 tsp Cocoa Nibs

Honestly, mint chocolate chip ice cream is my #1 flava (ok, besides cherry maybe..) so this smoothie is such a #&$+ing treat!

 I hope you enjoy!