Bluesfest Recap 2017

The festival is over but the hot weather is still here! Actually, I'm pretty glad it was rainy during RBC Bluesfest 2017 since standing in a hot field in a large crowd isn't always my fave.

New things this year were: ferris wheel, SO MUCH LOTTERY for some reason, and a tent at the river stage. Honestly, I didn't bother with trying new foods since a lot of it were the same. I got my staples now! They are: ribs, indian food and those tornado potato chips if I'm feeling like balling out cash money wise.

$2 for the Ferris Wheel? That view.

$2 for the Ferris Wheel? That view.

Thanks again for having me, Bluesfest. It's always amazing seeing local acts, friends and acquaintances killing it in the music industry, like Rebecca Noelle. Check out the photos below!

Mmm. Ribs.

Shout out to Luca Fiore for the snaps and thank you again to Bluesfest for having me! Now, time for a massage... #bydonation #VIPzonenomore