Lemon Gin Caesar

I hope everyone's ready for the long weekend! Since it's tomato season, it's great to celebrate with a Caesar! I find that gin goes great in a Caesar, especially when rounded out with lemon.

But before I get to the recipe, I'd like to welcome everyone to my new website! The Logo and Design were both done by a wonderful woman named Meghan Rosen. I've been blogging and making videos about cooking since 2011, however I've decided to archive since 2014. Meghan did an amazing job compiling / organizing my wild world!

Not only does this website launch coincide with the launch of my personal chef business, but also with my new show Om Nom Ottawa exclusive (for now) to Bell Fibe subscribers (find out more).

Now, back to the recipe! This is a booze-forward version of a Caesar. How I like my drinks. Cheers to a new start and the last weeks of summer!

Lemon Gin Caesar
makes 1

1 oz gin (I like Hendrick's but a London Dry would be more appropriate)
1/4 oz lemon juice
1 dash sriracha
4 oz Caesar Mix / Clamato
1 tbsp lemon pepper (I found mine at a local Lebanese grocer)
3 slices cured sausage
1 toothpick / skewer that fits the length of your glass

Put lemon pepper onto a small saucer, wide enough for the class you wish to rim, and spread. Get another saucer and add 2 tbsp water to it. Flip your glass upside down onto the saucer with water and spin. Keeping the glass upside down, run the lip of the glass on lemon pepper.

Add a few ice cubes to the glass, stir in gin and lemon juice. Add dash of sriracha and top with Caesar Mix. Skewer sausage and place in the glass. Enjoy!


I had this with tomato corn salsa, you can find the recipe here!

What's your long weekend drink of choice?