BBQ and Summer Cooking Tips

I LOVE the smell of BBQ. It always reminds me of summer.
It's so simple, primal and doesn't (or does.. depending) take long at all!

I have a few clients who let their food choices slip a little when the hot weather rolls around since the last thing they want to think about is cooking!

Summer Cooking Tip

Get a big batch of sausages, divide them up into portions you need per meal and freeze so you always have them on hand.

When hot weather (or impromptu guests) show up, you can just pull them, let them thaw during the day and have some washed salad greens and a killer dressing in the fridge.

In a pinch you have a killer meal without breaking a sweat!

When you go to your 'Cue, what is your go-to cooking method? Skewers, direct on the grill, on a basket? Propane, coals or fire pit?