Bluesfest Recap 2016

Ahh - this one was a hot one!

Bluesfest 2016 didn't have a TON of artists I was immediately drawn to but there were so many coming I had to just dig and do some research! Fortunately, my buddy Reid, a HUGE music fan, put together a YouTube playlist featuring almost every artist on the bill!

This really helped me get pumped and also opened my eyes to artists I wouldn't think of going to see. 

This year included a lot more gluten free options! Every year I want to find out how many people are offering GF options so I always ask each vendor. THIS YEAR Fadi's (Main Stage) started offering gluten free wraps and buns! Hooray! I guess it helps to keep asking ;) And a new taco vendor offered gluten free tacos. Rejoice! My fave, Jamie's Kettle Corn, was back. I love that they sell coconut water since it's so hydrating and non-alcoholic.

After waiting 50min for BBQ they took pity on me and threw some pulled pork on top of the neighbouring french fry stall. Thank you! (also, there need to be more food vendors next year..)

For your wine.

For your wine.

Their red wine this year was awesome. After having a health scare over the past year I had to start cutting down on carbs and actively working toward eating paleo and things are getting back to normal. Phew! That being said I didn't drink any ciders this year. I just took it easy, brought water and lots of snacks with me. This year Bacardi had a booth which I thought was pretty cute, however I'm not a huge rum drinker. 

My favourite part of the festival, besides checking out all the awesome local bands and new artists, is hanging out outside in the evenings by the river. You get to catch so many spectacular sunsets - it's so special.

As every year, there are a couple acts that really tug at my nostalgic heart strings - this year that was The Decembrists and Wolf Parade.

As always, I had a blast but maybe next year I gotta start bringing a blanket and/or some chairs - how do I bring them on my bicycle though?! I need one of those large carts.

Who did you love at the festival this year?