Beau's Oktoberfest 2017



Happy first week of October!
Even though Oktoberfest doesn't actually happen DURING October (no, not even in Germany!), it's a great way to ring in the new season and the harvest.

Many of Ottawa's (and the region's) best restaurants get together. This year's was an unusually warm Oktoberfest. Our precious hands were unbothered by holding a cold brew and the ground wasn't muddy as per usual.

Of course I could go on and on about the treats. A lot were German inspired but I think restaurants took a more varied approach year. Regardless, this is the best festival in the Ottawa region for food, hands down. The environment is so relaxed, joyous and inspiring.

How could I forget to write about the beer though? In Munich, Germany Oktoberfest has very limited selection. Each beer tent has its own signature beer and food. At Beau's, you can choose MANY varieties from Beaus as well as from different breweries in Ontario and Quebec.

I absolutely adored the Collective Arts Cherry Cider and the Glutenberg Blonde. For any gluten free beer fans, keep an eye out for Glutenberg's new stout beer coming soon. It'll be made with buckwheat. Should be interesting!

The midway is so so fun! The proceeds go to Hidden Harvest, one of my favourite organizations in Ottawa that reclaim the fruits of urban fruit and nut trees before they are fodder for the compost heap. Check them out here! Otherwise, Beau's continues to donate to various organizations and have always been a champion for holistic, sustainable movements within their own business. It's truly an inspiration to witness.

Now, this wouldn't be a music blog if I didn't talk about the bands I saw. TUNS, REMI ROYAL AND STARS! How do they always get a killer Canadian lineup?

Until next year!
Photos: Luca Fiore