Spring E-book & New Etsy Store!

Phew, it’s been a doozy.

Getting back to Eastern Standard Time after a whirlwind trip to Japan has taken some time. I didn’t want to drop any of my goals. One of which was to start my online e-book store! Luckily for you, I’ve stuck with it and got some of my client’s favourite recipes together for my first Etsy store e-book: Spring Meal Prep!

One of the key things I’ve learned at cooking school and through work is to multi-task. In school we called multiple recipe prepping an ‘Order of Work’. You’d collect recipes then write steps that were most efficiently done first so at the end of your cooking day, you’d get all the recipes done at the same time! I did this with my first e-book, you can find it and download it for free on this link!

Find out more at my etsy store here: chefevabee.etsy.com

Find a li’l preview below:

Find out more about this Spring E-book here!
Thank you so much for supporting me so far and for reading my blog. I’ll still be providing plenty of free content here but I’m excited to up the ante and create even more beautiful and delicious recipes that make eating sustainably easy as pie.